7 Day Fast is a transparent look into the author’s life over a seven day period in the autumn of 2011. It chronicles the difficulties he endures as well as the small daily victories he achieves as he searches for God’s will during an extremely difficult time in his family’s life. During the fast, he fully comes to understand that it is God’s strength that he needs to rely on, not his own, which opens the door for the Lord to perform miraculous works in his life.

The book was written to inspire others to test their own personal limits and truly trust in the God that loves us and provides us with the strength we need to accomplish things that our mind would not allow us to comprehend. It is only when faith is applied and risks are taken that we are able to have God work through us and give us the life that he has in store for us. Actions truly do speak louder than words.

During each day’s chronicle you get to feel the range of emotions that Billy goes through. You will see interactions he has with his family and the frustrations that come when pressure is applied to one’s life. When the heat is on, you find out what’s inside of you and sometimes you don’t like what comes out. However these are exactly the things that the Lord wants you to work on. They become refining moments in your life and as you overcome them, you become stronger. God will then be able to use you to glorify His kingdom in a greater way and slowly reveal His plan for you.

Words are great, but if you are not walking out the Christian life, your words are meaningless. If you are going to talk the talk, then you have to walk the walk. 7 Day Fast gives you a good example of how the author walks out his faith. As his good friend Andre says “Real recognizes real.” In this book, Billy keeps it real.

If you would like to a sneek peek into Chapter One of 7 Day Fast click on the following link- Chapter One preview


“Often times it is one mans story that challenges another man to stretch his faith to new limits. I believe 7 Day Fast is such a story.” — Stan Utley, PGA Tour Winner and Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor
“I have realized that life brings many tests & trials and it’s easier to learn the lessons before you face them than after!!! ”7 Day Fast" challenges you to take every opportunity to prepare for the trials of life before they even come!!” — Andre Wadsworth, Former NFL & NCAA
All-American Defensive End and Executive Pastor of Impact Church
“7 Day Fast is a great example of how you can draw closer to God through dependence on Him.” — David Daly, National Director of Baseball Ministries for Fellowship of Christian Athletes
"This a challenging and encouraging book for anyone who is looking to become more obedient towards God." — Drew Beuerlein, Current Minor League player for the Colorado Rockies and author of “Catching Grace”
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